In this section you will find all of
the common winter items that we
sell during the winter season!


There are a few different kinds of shovels:
Straight Shovels - Regular Shovel
Pushers - Shorter/Curved at the top
Combination Shovels - Regular on top/Pusher on bottom
Scoop Shovels - Deeper Shovel
Trunk Shovels - Short/Deep for cars
Kid Shovels - Cheap shovels for kids

Once you choose the correct type,
now it is time to decide what material you like:

Steel Shovels
Strong but also heavy which may hurt your back
Plastic Shovels
Light but also not very durable - Better for light snow
Plastic with Metal Trim on the bottom
Light and durable - Multi-Purpose Shovel

Red Fiberglass Shovels
Straight - $11.95
Combination - $13.95

Mountain Mover Shovels (Most Popular)
Combination - $21.95
Back Saver Combination (Bent Handle) - $26.95
Pusher - $20.95

That is the easiest way to break any shovel.
Invest in 1 good ice chopper instead of multiple shovels.

LIGHT/FLUFFY SNOW: Any shovel is good for this type of snow.  Usually the easiest way to remove this type of snow is to use a pusher shovel (short & wide) to just push the snow to the side.

HEAVY/SLUSHY SNOW: Shovels with a metal edge on the bottom are more durable but shovels without a metal edge can get to that bottom layer easier because they are thinner.  If the bottom layer is beginning to freeze and icy, only use shovels with a metal edge.  Plastic-edged shovels can chip away and break from ice.

SNOW MIXED WITH SLEET/FREEZING RAIN: Use a real ice chopper to break the bottom layer of ice into chunks and shovel away the chunks with a shovel.  For stiff ice, chop downwards in small circles or sometimes you can get underneath that bottom layer of ice by chopping sideways with the chopper to create chunks.

THE LAST STEP IS ALWAYS: Sprinkle Calcium Chloride on any steps, sidewalk, or driveway that you just cleared to heat up the surface and melt away whatever is left.  You can use regular Rock Salt on driveways but do not use it for cement, concrete, bricks, stone, steps, etc.  Calcium Chloride is stronger and safer.

ONE LAST TIP: Wait until the storm is completely finished and then try to shovel immediately when its over.  The longer you wait, the more that bottom layer may freeze over and ice is harder to remove than snow.  Shoveling half-way through a storm and then shoveling again when its over tends to be more trouble than its worth, so the best strategy is to shovel once, right away.

(More Coming Soon)