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We have an extensive selection on common household hardware needs and we are one of the few stores left where you can still buy loose pieces. Boxes are available as well.


Bolts are different from screws. A bolt is generally pushed through a hole and then a nut fastens it on the other side.

A bolt is also used when a hole is threaded to a specific size and that threaded hole acts as a nut to fasten the bolt tight.

Bolts are usually flat on the bottom and screws usually have a point.

Most projects require a regular stove bolt available in a Pan Head (Round on top/Flat on bottom) or a Flat Head (Flat on top/tapered on bottom).

These bolts are normal grade 2 zinc-plated steel and are usually used for indoor applications because these bolts can eventually rust if constantly exposed to water.


We carry the following thickness/thread in American Sizes:

(4 - 40 = #4 Thickness with 40 lines of thread per inch)

4 - 40 (1/2", 3/4", & 1" long only)

6 - 32 (1/2" - 2" long)

8 - 32 (1/2" - 4" long)

10 - 24 (1/2" - 6" long)

10 - 32 (1/2" - 4" long)

1/4" - 20 (1/2" - 6" long)

1/4" - 28 (1/2"-6" long)






We also carry Threaded Rod in most of the above sizes as well

We also carry Metric (mm) coarse thread and fine thread bolts. These metric sizes are in between all of the american sizes and are usually used in anything that was not made in the U.S.A.

We start at 4mm and go up to 16mm

For extra strong Hex Head Grade 8 Bolts, we carry sizes 1/4"20 - 3/4"


  • Has a square shape underneath the head to lock into wood
  • Smooth, round, blank cap head which means no screwdriver is needed
  • Commonly used for park equipment, benches, wooden signs, etc.

(Available in American Sizes only)

1/4" ranging from 3/4" - 8" long

5/16" ranging from 3/4" - 8" long

3/8" ranging from 1" - 8" long

1/2" ranging from 1" - 8" long


There are 4 main types of nuts

1) Wing Nut (Easiest to turn by hand)

2) Lock Nuts (Rubber prevents slipping)

3) Regular (Grade 2 or Grade 8 Steel) Hex Nuts

4) Acorn Nut (Cap Nut)

Make sure you pick the correct, matching thread for the bolt you are using

Generally using a lock nut is always recommended since most items bolts are used for are items that move or are deal with vibration. A regular nut can vibrate loose but a lock nut has an extra rubber seal. When you force the bolt into that rubber seal, it creates a one-way thread in the rubber so that it does not loosen by itself until you force it off with tools. Once you force it off, it is now a regular nut. Lock nuts only lock the first time.

For locking on items where you need to adjust the tension frequently we recommend a Lock Washer (Split Washer) and a regular nut.


There are 4 main types of Washers

(In order from left to right)

1) Flat Washers


Available in sizes #6 - 1" hole

2) SAE Washers

(Smaller Outside)

3) Lock Washers

(Split Washer to lock nuts into place)

4) Fender Washers

(Small Hole with a Big Outside)


Whenever you are hanging something up on a sheet rock wall, it is best to screw your hanger directly into the beam. If you cannot reach a beam, you must use an anchor. There are many different styles of anchors depending on what material you are anchoring into and how heavy you need it to be.

Zip-It Anchors

Packs of 20-25 - $5.95

Loose (Plastic) - $0.40

Loose (Metal) - $0.60

  • The easiest type of anchor to use
  • Simply drill a pilot hole for the tip, screw zip-it anchor into wall, then screw a #8 x 1 1/4" screw into the anchor
  • Holds 50-75 lbs. depending on the size you buy
  • Easy to remove for rental properties

Plastic Push-in (Plug) Anchors

#6-#8 - $0.06 each or Box/100 for $2.95

#8-#10 - $0.06 each or Box/100 for $2.95

#10-#12 - $0.07 each or Box/100 for $3.55

#12-#14 - $0.08 each or Box/100 for $3.95

  • Very easy to use
  • Anchor splits open behind sheet rock to grip securely
  • Intended for light-weight use, heavier items should be installed with heavy anchors

Toggle Bolts

1/8" Toggle Bolts

3/16" Toggle Bolts

1/4" Toggle Bolts

5/16" Toggle Bolts

3/8" Toggle Bolts


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