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99 Route 59

Monsey, NY 10952

(845) 356-1069

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Our History (1952 - Present)

Our Original Store

Moving to the new store

Customer Stories about Joe

Ramapo Hardware first opened up 65 years ago back in 1952! Our Grandfather Joe bought the business in 1963 and became a huge part of the community for many years. He would lend out tools to his customers for free and teach everyone how to fix common household problems with the most pleasant personality.

Before Joe bought Ramapo Hardware, he used to work in town as a local bicycle repair man and he was also an engineer in New York City before that. His knowledge, skills, and personality made his hardware store a very special place.

His dedication to excellent service made a big impact on our customers' lives. My sister and I began working in the store in the early 90's and we grew up in the store with him so we saw how unique Joe and his store was. We make sure that we continue to run the business today based on the same principles and values that were important to him. A place where honesty and business can co-exist and a place where we help you figure out the best solution to your problem instead of trying to sell you a bunch of things you do not need.

He was the glue that held the Monsey community together for many years. Unfortunately the world lost Joe when he passed away in November of 2000 but his pleasant personality and customer service will never be forgotten. My sister Sandra and I (My name is also Joe) continue to honor this great man today by running the business and following the vision he had so many years ago. When he passed away, many people wrote about him in a book that we left out on the front counter. Those writings are at the bottom of this page if you would like to see them.

We made new huge chapter in our Ramapo Hardware History in November of 2010 when we expanded to a much bigger location across the street. All of our time with our Grandfather was spent in our older location but our store continues to make new memories and help many families across the town of Monsey so stop in at 99 Route 59 in Monsey, New York and see it for yourself!

Keep checking back for more website updates and pictures!



1952 - 2010

Here are some pictures of the old store from the good old days!

It was an old-fashioned place with original hardwood floors and will always be a special place to our family and the customers who have spent so many years in that building. Moving the store was truly the end of an era but that end brings a new beginning and a place to make many more memories in!

The Main Register/Front Counter Area

View of Aisle 1 From The Front Counter

Side View of the Store

Side View Facing the Opposite Direction

Our Seasonal Aisle (Winter Time)

Our Bolt Section

The Old Sukkah Counter

View of our Front Door

Roof View of Route 59 Intersection

(Facing our new store - On the other side of the Good Year Building)



In September of 2010, my sister and I made a deal with the landlord of our new building to move in where Alto Music used to be. As a drummer, I spent many years as a customer in Alto Music and now our store is in the same place.

We put signs up immediately about our move

We waited until our 2010 Sukkot Season was over and then we began breaking the old store down and moving during our "Sukkot Break" - The days after the holiday we would normally use as a vacation anyway.

After 48 years of business at the 120 Route 59 Location, everything was now packed and it was time to build the new place!

We took off for 2 weeks to complete the move

Thank you for reading about our story!


Customer Stories about Joe

Joe passed away in November of 2000 but he will never be forgotten.

A notebook was put out on the front counter after Joe's passing for

customers to share their experiences and memories of Joe. 

Here is what everyone wrote:

--We knew Joe for 40 years. A more honest, helpful man is hard to find. He’ll be missed.

--An old fashioned GENTLEMAN

--The community will surely miss you – A great loss for all of us.

--For Joe,

Ramapo Hardware was always my first stop and I always found you ready help. If you didn’t have what I required you had a recommendation. If you could fix it, you did, never trying to sell me a “new one” and we always agreed that “new was not necessarily better”. You were the only merchant I met that would allow this customers to borrow tools, which I did often. Thank you for 32 years of help & service. Both you and your wife will be missed!!!

--We’re living in Monsey just 6 years. Joe was simply very nice, kind, gentle, honest, and patient. I was so sad and shocked and sorry to hear of his passing. He will be sorely missed. He was a rare breed.

--I remember Joe as “the man from the hardware store.” When I and my brother were kids, we spent many hours enjoying Joe’s company. I remember bringing in a broken sander. Joe looked at it and said “No need to buy a new one, it just needs brushes.” We then proceeded to the “brushes” department and opened our sander, put the brushes in and returned the now repaired sander. All for 50 cents or so!

          Joe will be remembered fondly by us all!

--To Joe:

A very gentle, kind human being who always had a kind word for everyone. A true “gentleman” of the first order. Rest in peace Joe, you earned it.

--Dear Joe, why did you die before they started cloning humans?

--Living in Monsey & shopping by Joe was a real experience since the 60’s. Honesty & a smile, rare today.

--A sweet man who was wise even before he got older – Always knew that it was the simple, ordinary things that mattered.

--Joe was always helpful & dependable. This type of store is hard to find these days, where the owner is actually interested in helping his customers. We’ll all miss him dearly.

--I always enjoyed coming into the store – Knowing I can still buy a small item without buying a whole package of ‘em and knowing that Joe was always willing to offer his expertise. His kindness and integrity will always be remembered and appreciated.

--I liked the man and therefore, shopped at the store. The large super stores could never match the friendly help. I miss him.

--You purchased a house with no money for extra remodeling - Doing it yourself is the solution, says Joe. No money for tools- No problem, just stop by. I'll lend you my tool for no extra charge, says Joe. Need help with plumbing - Stop by, I'll help you figure out the problem, says Joe. So who is your partner in your house - Joe's Hardware!


We miss you. You were a real gentleman, a fixture in the community, someone who catered to all people, and always gave each person specialized service. You were knowledgeable, friendly, kind, considerate, and in one word a real mensche (good man!). I am sure you are repairing things in Heaven so everything works right!

--Joe was my friend since I always came to him to fix my bicycles. Until today when I fix something at home I always think of Joe.

--I remember how lovingly he remembered his son who worked in Washington. He was very unimpassioned, polite, and helpful about everything.

--Joe was a man of great integrity and honesty - Something that is a discontinued item nowadays. Let us remember Joe by continuing in his honest way of doing business, the way he trusted other people, and this will make us all a bit closer to become a Joe!

--One of the sweetest, gentlest, most knowledgeable guy I’ve met – He will be missed by all who knew him.

--A wonderful, kind, helpful, and patient person. You were an asset to our community – Monsey will miss you.

--In 1990 I moved to Rockland from California. I soon heard about the store. In his quiet, unassuming way, Joe was an honest man. You don’t find that too often in the business community. Although I will miss him dearly – I am confident his two grandchildren will follow in his footsteps – honest, friendly, and knowledgeable. This is a credit to Joe and the kids’ parents.


A great guy. You outlasted Rickles! - Thanks to your attitude and helpfulness.

--Probably everything that could be said about Joe has been said already in this book. I just want to add my name to the list of people who respected him and cared about him. He represented goodness in the world.

--Even though I did not come in that often (had no need.) – Every time I was here, it was the most pleasant time spent. Joe was kind, patient, honest, respectful, and everything else. We sure miss him and I hope his granddaughter is following in his footsteps.

--Joe was always helpful or patient – even with people in a rush and rude. A good soul. He will be missed.

--We all are missing him – You are a fine man and a helping hand to everyone. Nevermind how big the purchase, always with a smile!

--Joe was a kind and gentle man who was always ready to share his knowledge with others. He taught my husband, just by us being customers, a lot of valuable lessons in maintaining our home. We owe him a debt of gratitude. He never got nervous no matter how busy the store was. Thank you Joe!

--You made buying a joy. Our family greatly enjoyed you and your store.


I’m sorry you’re gone. I’ve been coming hear for eight years and you were always so helpful and nice. I will miss you.

--Joe was a great guy & a beautiful person to be around - From an old timer in Monsey

--I always admired Joe for his politeness and patience. He always wanted to help out. He was always especially helpful for the Jewish Holiday Needs. I always have nice memories for Joe.

--I am living here since 1952. I remember Joe since he started. I really miss Joe. It began with bicycle repair in the 60’s then to hardware and the best advice always. Joe could not be replaced.

--I think all of us in this Monsey community will miss this most unusual man that we called Joe. He was a saint of a human being. They don’t make them like that anymore.

--Mr. Dooling was the nicest shopkeeper in the county. He was a generous person to us all and a true gentleman. We need people like him in our lives as good models.

--I came to this store in August 1966. Joe didn’t have a shade of paint that I wanted. He immediately picked up the phone and started calling many different stores in Rockland County trying to accommodate my needs. A true “old timer” with hardware requirements. We will miss his always pleasant manner waiting on me & Joe – You were one of a kind!



We miss you

We need you

We’re poorer without you

You were a real gentleman of the old school. Sandra and Joe will do just great!

--When I moved into Spring Valley 25 years ago, I knew nothing about how to take care of a house. He was such a helpful person, always willing to listen, never selling me what I did not need. I will miss him.


Joe was a quiet and kind man. So hard to find these days. He will be missed.


Joe always stood out as a person of tremendous integrity. He was always there to help us and we didn’t have any rough salesmanship from him. He was a true gentleman behind the counter. Always ready to help & serve!

He will be missed in the Monsey community.

--I write for myself and my husband. I’m so sorry about Joe’s death. To me, he was the person people can trust, care, and get advice from. Just knowing him made one feel like a better person. His characteristics were of the highest morale. He will be thought of as one of the most respected in our family and neighborhood. It is still obvious in his family who are now here for him!

--I only lived in Monsey for a few years before Joe passed away. During that time when I had the occasion to come to the store, I noticed that Joe was different than many of the other store owners I frequented. His genuine concern for your needs truly stood out. We’ve just lost a role model we really could use these days.


Dear Joe & Family,

You are a beautiful soul – I will miss seeing you!

--Some time ago I was planning on moving out of state and in considering people and things I would miss in Monsey, the name of Joe was high up on my list. Joe was among the very finest, gentlest, kindest people I’ve ever met. We’ll all miss him.

--Joe was a very special, gentle man! His knowledge of what to do for every problem – was easily solved. Almost always at such a reasonable cost. We will always remember him!

--My girls & I will miss you Joe! I’m glad you taught your granddaughter so well to continue being a help to this community! A great legend has passed on.

--Joe was a very special person. Always ready to help advice or lend an ear. He will be sorely missed.

--A very special storekeeper. I always felt warm and welcomed here.

--Always helpful with the advice and would lend the tools to get the job done. He knew what you needed and ready to help. Opened Sunday to help get the Succots done.

--Dear family,

We all miss him sorely! He was a truly special man to all

--Dear esteemed family,

I knew Joe and family for 30 years. I was constantly impressed of his mild manner and patience. He was a true role model.

--I miss you – and your granddaughter and grandson are doing a great job.

--Always so pleasant & obliging – He is in a good place now.

--Joe – I will always appreciate all of the knowledge I’ve received from Joe.

--I always told Joe that if he ever left this business, I wouldn’t know where to go to for a couple of screws or the bolt for that nut. He always had what I needed and not in plastic trays of 100+


A wonderful beautiful human being, thoughtful, helpful, concerned, caring. He will be missed!

--Joe always with a smile and patience for everyone’s needs. A rare human being who will be missed. We’re so happy the family stayed on in the store.

--Joe helped us through many years of living here in Monsey. He also encouraged my husband in his bike repair business – saying that’s how he started working. He was a dear person – and he is sorely missed. May his family bask in his good name and good deeds.

--To Joe & Family,

I can’t add any more to your heritage. I love you all!

--We will always appreciate the help & knowledge we received from Joe. We are glad he left us such capable worker to replace him. We’ll really miss him.

--Your grandfather encourages us that there is hope in humanity. He was an example of honesty & sincerity, in a world of confusion & money-worshipping. Good luck for the future in carrying on his tradition.

--Your Dear Grandfather was a wonderful role model for his family and for all of us who came in contact with him.

Please continue to follow in his footsteps. Character is by far the most important thing a person can leave as a legacy!

--To Joe’s Family,

Always with a smile, calm, and pleasant. Helpful and advised what to buy. A pleasure coming in the store.

--As old time residents – We miss Joe. We couldn’t do anything totally right without your advice. Joe, you were honest, sincere, and loved by all people. You were a gentleman, a humble servant of G-D. We will miss you.

--To Joe’s Family,

Joe was an absolute gentleman, whether you bought for 50 cents for 50 dollars – it made no difference. He always treated everyone with the same courtesy – He will be missed.

--In a generation where everything is instant, it is a joy to patronize a business where every member takes pride in putting their hearts into what they are doing. Helping out with more than they are asked and a job well done. We'll miss Joe - but he left a beautiful legacy. Good luck to the family and keep up the tradition of loyalty and devotion. It is always appreciated.

--When I was a young man Joe set me up in the handy man business with total trust. Let me come in every day and just write down my purchases in the card file and enter money in the register whenever I pleased. Always giving me true honest advice that wasn't meant to sell me items I didn't need. When I moved to Israel I opened a hardware store based on all the good advice that Joe taught me all those 20 years of my relationship with him. I always tell my customers about this teacher of mine and really try to live up to his honest and patient style with much appreciation.

--Joe was always helpful and cheerful. They don't make them like that anymore. He will never be replaced and always missed.

--Just and fair in all his ways. Obliging and generous all his days - Everyone who knew you will miss you always!

--Joe was a good honest man, that's a rarity!

--For Joe and all your family, You're sorely missed by all!!

--Joe - Always calmly willing to give advice for our appliance and a/c repair business or for the many tiny or large home improvements we endeavored to do. For whichever one, his attitude was the same - with respect, patience, politeness, and "know how". He is sincerely missed. The grandchildren seem to be from the same mold. Good luck to them.

--To Joe's wonderful family. Our family has lived here since the early 1960's and Joe's kind and gentle advice always helped us through. As kids, he knew how to help fix our bikes and as homeowners we ran to Joe for all our needs - just the perfect screw or washer. Our memories of Joe are warm and fond. What a wonderful legacy for his family. Thank you!

--My friend Joe:

He was a straight shooter. A proud example to follow and not without a sense of humor. Loved and respected by all.

--To a family fortunate to have had such a husband/father/grandfather,

It was sad to hear of the parting of such a man. He will always be remembered and more importantly, learned from.

Always a positive attitude, a kind word, a warm smile, a love for children, honesty, integrity, knowledgeable advice, and making every day worth living.

--When we moved up here 14 years ago, we needed lots of help and advice to get our house in shape. We were surprised by the way Joe treated us. He gave us advice and lent us tools and where else can you go for a few screws for a few cents? One day I came in for a packing for a faucet - Joe took it to the back and was gone for 40 minutes or so. When he finally came out he explained that he didn't have one so he made it for me! He was one of a kind and the neighborhood misses him! 

--Joe offered guidance and advice for each job. Always graciously. He went out of his way for all and never made you feel like he was doing so. Alot to write.

--I still remember his patience and his nice attitude to the people was well appreciated by us all. We will always remember his kindness to us.

--For Joe & wonderful family,

Whenever we needed something for the house we would say "Let's go to Ramapo Hardware!" and Joe always knew how to solve our problem. He was so knowledgeable, but even more, he was patient, kind, and always gracious. He was a wonderful human being, a very rare person indeed. And he left a beautiful legacy in his family. What a role model for all to emulate!


We will miss you!

--A sweet, sweet man I will miss!

--Joe was simply the greatest!

--To Joe,

Your legacy of a kind caring person you were will never be forgotten! You really should be proud of your most special grandchildren, they are really going in your footsteps. Something outstanding - incredible - one of a kind!

--Its hard to imagine Monsey without Joe. His good cheer and good advice could always be counted on, along with his impeccable integrity and concern for everyone. It's really reassuring to see that his grandchildren are continuing to maintain his legacy.

--Joe always made such an esteemed memory. Every time I came in and out of his business I was in awe of what a fine person he was. His memory lives on.

--Ever since we came to Monsey, we have been coming here to Joe - Rickels, Pergament, Channel came & went, but Joe was always there. Even now, my husband says to me: "Go to Joe and bring ...... whatever we need - " We miss you, Joe.

--I remember Joe when I first moved to Spring Valley. He was so helpful in advising the new homeowner on the "how to" of repair. He already had a terrific reputation by the time I met him. I will miss him. His legacy will live on!

--To Joe's family,

Joe was patient and kind and he helped me learn how to do a lot of home repairs. I'll miss his smile & patience. He was never too busy to explain how to do a needed repair. He'll always be missed. He was one of those rare people who touched every life he came in contact with in a positive way.

--Joe - He was always honest and knew how to make his customers happy with his great prices. You'll be missed.

--To freely give away knowledge is always a blessing!

--I still feel Joe is here and with us and winking. Good wishes.

--What a great guy! He was always available to help!

--You purchased a house with no money for extra remodeling - Doing it yourself is the solution, says Joe. No money for tools- No problem, just stop by. I'll lend you my tool for no extra charge, says Joe. Need help with plumbing - Stop by, I'll help you figure out the problem, says Joe. So who is your partner in your house - Joe's Hardware!

--Honest, kind, gentle - Always concerned with the small details, which are the real needs of his customers.

--He is sorely missed. We cherished his honesty, integrity, caring, and his true want to help. He is the last of a generation.

--It takes many people to make a world. How nice it would be if there were some more Joes. The patience, the time, the honesty! Considerate to people's needs only charged for items spent fixing, explaining, giving advice. May he rest in peace & have happiness knowing his children, grandchildren are following his way! Good luck!

--Joe was a sweet, great guy!

--I don't know how he put up with all those ten cent screw questions with patience.

--Joe was a VERY special person. We ALL suffer a great loss in his passing.

--The Spring Valley Fire Dept. mourns Joe's passing.

--Joe was such a kind man - Knew how to make everyone happy with his products & prices.

--What a sweet, patient, honest, and friendly man. He is mised by all.

--If there were more people like Joe in the world - Eternal peace would reign.

--The most gentle, kind, and patient store owner I have ever met.

--A very helpful, patient, caring man - Always ready to help!

--What a gentleman!

--One time we had no idea how to repair a folding table Joe told us to bring it in and figured out how to make it stand up. Another time he gave advice on how to fix a broken toilet giving step by step instructions. When I asked about a certain product one time, Joe told me it was cheaper in Pathmark and I shouldn't pay the extra money to get it by him! A shining example of a wonderful person!

--A very special & patient person who will be missed by all of us.

--Patient and helpful.

--He helped us - A young family & a new house for us but old in years. His advice was always the best!

--He always went out of his way for you. He always tried to help you. I will always remember him.

--We are living in Monsey for 34 years and we knew Joey as a good & kind-hearted man. I am sure that he went straight to Heaven. May G-d bless him.

--Knowing Joe for over 40 years has made my life a better one. This was one gentleman who touched everyone he met with his special type of humanity & humbleness. We hope he will still help us people down on Earth to better ourselves while he surely is reaping the rewards in Heaven.

--Joe was a great guy! One of the special gentiles to help us. May he rest in peace. He will be remembered.

--Joe must be smiling from Heaven as he watches his grandchildren carrying on so beautifully in his tradtion!

--Both Pergament and Rickles are gone but Joe's store is still here. A testimony that G-d takes care of the good guys.

--I walked one day into the store to buy something & got a helpful tip from Joe's grandson - That's just what Joe handed down to his offspring. Not only to sell something, but to make sure the item was used properly. Something to be impressed about.

--Joe was one of the most patient and constantly cheerful peopl I ever encountered. He was always sensitive to the needs of the people who came into the store. If you wanted to talk, he always made time to talk. As usual he'd be efficient & effective. He will be sorely missed.

--He was a real gentleman. His mission was to help people as opposed to just making money. He is missed and I'm sure glad that his family is carrying on in his good ways.

--I miss Joe so much every time I come into the store. He was a true gentleman. He loved people & was well loved. He had the patience of Jobe.

--Joe was a living sample to emulate.

--Joe was one of the kindest, most helpful, and charming individuals. His patience was legendary and if you waited in line he was always great at advice. Never gave you the impression you were bothering him. I knew him for 18 years and it was truly and honor to know such a person. His grandkids are doing a great job and inherited his qualities.

--We came to Rockland over 25 years ago when we heard about Ramapo Hardware. Joe always had what we needed. He was a quiet, kind, and a gentle gentleman's gentleman. He will be missed by the many who came to him & know him. His family must have wonderful memories to cherish.

--I just stopped by to see who you left in charge! We miss you but I want to say that the greatest compliment to you and your way of doing things is that your children and grandchildren are carrying on YOUR ways!

--I didn't know him much but he left an impression on me.

--Joe, your faimly is doing a wonderful job running your store. They are always most helpful and considerate. Qualities, I'm sure, they learned from you!

--Besides giving sound advice, Joe also always lent out any tools which was most always in use and always as a gracious gentleman.

--Joe was such a bubby. I just moved into an apartment and needed to replace a washer in the shower. He saw me looking at his selection and asked me what brand of faucet I had so he could know what size to give me. I told him I had no clue so he gave me all of them and told me to return the ones that I didn't need. He also supplied me with some teflon tape to stop leaks. All with a smile & not laughing at me. He was one of a kind.

--Joe will be surely missed. Nicest person I have met in a long time. He had knowledge that none of us had.

--Joe was a very nice and kind person. As a kid I loved coming to his store, because he always gave me keys for free. Miss you, Joe!

--Joe was truly a good and decent man whose death touched many of the people of Ramapo as if he was family. He will be missed.

--I loved coming to this store because Joe really knew what if meant to give service to the fullest extent - We miss you!

--When we moved here 27 years ago I didn't know how to hang a picture. Joe always gave me the best advice and even loaned me a tool now & then. He was a very special human being and we'll miss him very much.

--"Grampa" Joe always had a sweet smile. I would always find a reason to come into the store and get some childhood memories. In France we have what is caled a "Quincaillerie" or store just like this one with a human size and human contact. So I can say that coming here to Joe's place was about getting a touch of loving humanity. His sweet grandchildren are just like him so I keep coming in.

--My heartfelt condolences to the family of Joe. Having coming to the shop for 30 years, I have always found him to be friendly and warm and most accomodating and helpful in his service to me as well as other people. He had lots of patience and was a gentleman at all times.

--His endless patience & respect for every person.