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TERRO Fruit Fly Trap


- Ready to use

- Fast-acting

- Prevents flies from breeding

- Best in kitchens around food or fruit

BONIDE Stink Bug Trap


- For both indoor & outdoor use

- Traps both Brown Marmorated & Green Stink Bugs

- All natural, non-toxic, & odorless

Bug Spray vs. Bait Traps/GEL

Spray Information

  • Sprays deliver quicker results yet they are LESS effective! Most sprays kill & repel ants/roaches for up to 4-6 weeks but they do not attack the source of the problem. Only "worker" ants leave the nest to search for food but the younger ants & queen always stay in the nest. In other words you will see less ants around but the problem will continue when more "worker" ants search for food.
  • DO NOT use Sprays and Bait Traps together! Bug Spray repels ants and would keep most of them away from the bait traps. Spray will also kill contaminated "worker" ants before they get a chance to return to the nest and share the poison with the queen.

Bait Trap & GEL Information

The only real way to stop a bug problem is to destroy the entire colony. A spray will only kill the bugs you see roaming around but Bait Traps & GEL are the only ways to kill the colony. Ants/Roaches bring the poison back to the nest to share with the queen and babies back at the colony.

  • Bait Traps or GEL are much slower but MUCH more effective! They have a slow-acting formula that kills the entire nest instead of only the "worker" ants. The "worker" ants ingest a poisonous food inside these bait traps and then return to their nest to share with the queen and the rest of the colony. People tend to get nervous that their traps are not working because they see more ants during use, not less. There are more ants because of the attractive scent of the bait traps. This is actually a good thing because this means more ants will be contaminated by the poison and this will increase your chances of total elimination. In some cases where bugs do not seem interested in Bait Traps, then switch to gel.

  • People also tend to dislike bait traps because they expect immediate results. Depending on the type of bait trap you are using you may not see any results anywhere from one to four weeks.

  • As slow & unpleasant as using bait traps may be - It is the BEST way to eliminate an ant or roach problem and the only way to destroy the source.

COMBAT Ant Traps

For Indoor & Outdoor Use

Combat Source Kill & Combat Source Kill Max

  • Child & Pet Resistant for safety
  • Bait stays fresh for 3 months once plastic bag in package is open
  • To avoid stale bait - We recommend using all 6 bait traps at once but you can store them in an airtight bag in a cool & dry place

Source Kill - $4.95

(For all ants)

  • 6 Bait Traps per box
  • Active Ingredient = Fipronil
  • Fipronil disrupts the nervous system of the contaminated ant
  • Once an ant ingests Fipronil it has 6-24 hours to live, giving it enough time to return to the nest and share the poison
  • You should start seeing results in the first week of using Source Kill
  • Significant results will take 3-4 weeks
Source Kill MAX - $6.95

(For smaller ants)

  • 6 Bait Traps per box
  • Active Ingredient = Hydramethylnon
  • Hydramethylnon disrupts the cellular respiration of the ant
  • Once an ant ingests Hydramethylnon it becomes lethargic within 24 hours and will die in about 3-4 days.
  • Even though this chemical kills the ants slower it is actually more effective because it lets the ants live longer to share more poison.
  • You should start seeing results in a few days of using Source Kill Max
  • Significant results will take 1-2 weeks

Ant Gel - $6.95

  • No touch clear gel
  • Stays put in hard to reach places (Ideal for Cabinets or any vertical surface)
  • Keeps Killing for 1 Month
  • Highly attractive to ants and shaped is optimized for ant take away for maximum effeciency

Ant Control Tips

  • Ants are attracted to water, grease, food/drink spills so regularly clean/check tops of cabinets, around sinks, around stoves, and around refrigerators
  • Ants are also attracted to warm places so regularly clean/check behind computers, television sets, and other electronic devices
  • Clean any food or drink spill immediately
  • Keep trash cans clean, closed, and replace the bag frequently
  • Do not use bug spray and ant traps together in the same exact location. Ants will not be able to bring the trap poison back to the source if they are killed on the spot from the additional bug spray.
  • Avoid cleaning around the traps - This will disrupt the scent trail left by the original "worker" ants who found the bait trap first
  • Avoid moving the traps around for the same reason
  • "Flying Ants" are when a mature ant colony produces flying ants for mating purposes. After mating, the male flying ants die and the female flying ants drop to the ground, chew off their wings, and burrow into the ground to form a new colony.

Home Repellent For Ants

  • Ants will not cross lines of chalk, vaseline, or baby powder. Drawing lines around doors or windows with these items may not kill the ants that are already in your home but they will prevent new ones from entering.
  • Other household repellants for ants are Cinnamon, Mint, Red Chili Powder, and Black Pepper.
  • CORN MEAL will also kill ants, they cannot digest corn meal, but it will not destroy the source, just the ants that eat the corn meal.

COMBAT Roach Traps

Combat Source Kill - $8.95

Combat Quick Kill Formula - $12.95

  • Roaches are attracted to the trap which makes them enter and take the bait. They take the bait and bring it to the nest to share with other roaches, destroying the nest.
  • One of the fastest roach-killing ingredients on the market
  • Insect nerve poison kills roaches by contact or ingestion
  • Starts killing roaches within hours for immediate results
  • High secondary roach kill - Kills nest in a domino effect
  • Quick Kill Formula works twice as fast as the regular source kill version
  • Put all 12 traps down in common roach infestation areas such as underneath/on top of refrigerator, under stove, underneath/on top of cabinets, near trash can, under sink, near baseboard heating, behind TV and other appliances

ORTHO Home Defense Max Bug Spray


- Indoor/Outdoor Use

- Quickly kills Ants, Roaches, & Spiders

- Phosphorous Free

- Non-Staining, Odor-Free, Dries Fast

- Exclusive InvisiShield formula creates a bug barrier for up to one year

TAT Ant & Roach Spray


- Double action formula to kill fast and keep killing for weeks!

- Power Straw included for cracks & crevices

- Effective for 4-6 weeks

- Use in homes and non-food areas of offices, schools, motels, and hospitals

- Kills roaches, ants, palmetto bugs, silverfish, spiders, crickets, and waterbugs

- 12 oz. Aerosol Can

RAID Flying Insect Spray


- Indoor & Outdoor Use

- Kills flying insects such as flies, mosquitoes, gnats, and asian lady beetles

- Kills insects as they fly through the mist so there is no need to spray them directly

- Releases a pleasant scent with no lingering chemical odor

- 15 oz. Aerosol Can

PIC Boric Acid


- Powder to kill Roaches, Waterbugs, and Palmetto Bugs

- Safe for use in homes, hotels, hospitals, schools, & restaurants

- Child-Proof Spray Spout

- 99% Boric Acid

- 16 oz. Bottle

TAT Fly Paper


 - Contains 8 Tubes
- Traps House Flies, Mosquitos, and other Flying Insects
- Safe, Sanitary, & Effective
- Perfect alternative to insecticides for kitchens, kid's rooms, & play areas
- Super Adhesive Strip traps flies on contact
- No mess, no odor, easy to use & replace

Fly Swatter


- Flexible Plastic

- Effective & Durable

- 4 1/2" x 5 3/4" Plastic Blade

- 18" Handle

- Comes in a variety of colors

ENFORCER 4 Hour Fogger


 - 4 Hour Fog Bomb to kill insects

- Stay out of the room while the bomb works and then air the room out

- Kills Centipedes, Cockroaches, Crickets, Fleas, Houseflies, Mosquitos, Silverfish, Spiders, Ticks, & Wasps

SEVIN Outdoor Bug Spray


- Kills over 100 different insects on vegetables, fruits, ornamentals, and lawns.

- 32 oz. Ready-to-use Spray Bottle

Also available in Concentrate Form


- Mix with water with a Garden Hose Spray Nozzle to cover a much bigger area with the concentrate form.

SHOO-FLY Hornet & Wasp Spray


 - Safe & sure way to get rid of hornets, wasps, bees, yellow jackets, roaches, ants, spiders, & earwigs

- Shoots up to 20' to penetrate nests, eaves, cones, and cracks

- Invisible residual action keeps on killing for weeks

- For indoor & outdoor use

- It is safest to spray at night when they are less active

- Wasps have trouble flying below 50 degrees

- Best time of the year to control nests are in June before the colony inside the nest becomes large. Keep in mind that smaller nests are easier to control but harder to find.

TERRO Foaming Bee Spray


  • Foam Spray coats nest for complete kill
  • Shoots up to 20 feet away
  • 1 lb. 3 oz. Can
  • Will kill Bees, Wasps, Hornets, and Yellow Jackets
  • It is safest to spray at night when they are less active

PIC Yellow Jacket & Wasp Trap


- No chemicals & no poisons

- Safe, durable, & re-usable

- 6 Entry Tunnels attract from all directions

- Easy-to-use - Put a little fruit juice in the bottom layer of the trap and hang about 15'-20' away from your home.

- Insects enter the trap and drown in the fruit juice

Effective Mouse & Rat Control

  • The best way to prevent mice is to prevent access into your home. Fill all cracks or holes around your house/apartment with coarse steel wool. Common access points are around drain pipes under sinks, around copper pipes going into heating units, around the gas line coming into dryer/stove.
  • Peanut Butter is the best bait to use - It sticks more and smells more than any other bait. Rodents also like cheese & bread dipped in vegetable oil.
  • Place traps or poison along walls or near areas where droppings were found
  • Most traps or poison are dangerous for children & pets so do not leave them out in areas where children or pets can get hurt.
  • Traps are generally quicker than poison
  • Poison generally takes effect within 3-5 days and rodents generally go outside looking for water as the poison makes them very thirsty.
  • Sticky Traps are less messy and considered the easiest trap to use. The only drawback is that you have to dispose of the live mouse yourself once caught.

VICTOR Sticky Mouse Traps

$2.55 per 2 Pack

- No setting, no baiting, no poisons

- Traps mice, insects, small snakes, and roaches

- Captures pests and holds them securely

- The easiest trap to use

VICTOR Snap Mouse Traps

$1.55 per 2 Pack

- Original wood-based wire snap trap with metal trip pedal in a cello twin pack

- Can be used around food & water

- Safer than poison around children & pets

- Use Peanut Butter as bait

VICTOR Snap Rat Traps


- Original wood-based wire snap trap with metal trip pedal

- Can be used around food & water

- NOT safe around children & pets

- Place in an area hard for children to reach

Use Peanut Butter as bait

D-CON Ultra Set Mouse Trap


- Snap Trap contained inside of a black box

- This makes it impossible for a mouse to trigger the trap from the side

- Safe around children & pets because they can not easily reach into the tiny hole in front of the trap

- Trap can be cleaned & re-used

- Easy set - Place Peanut Butter on the tray inside of the trap and then gently pull back on the lever

D-CON No View Mouse Trap

$6.95 - 2 Pack

- No view - No Touch

- No Baiting necessary

- Easy to read top which indicates whether the trap is set, not set, or if a mouse is caught

- No mess or anything is seen and you can just dispose of the trap when it catches a mouse

- Safe around pets & children

VICTOR Live Mouse Traps

$4.75 - 2 Pack

- Catches mice live

- No poisons or mess

- Easy to use - Open the front door of trap and place peanut butter along the back wall.

- Trap bottom is not balanced so that the front door automatically clicks closed after the mouse enters the trap



- Ready to use animal repellant

- Effective for Deer, Rabbit, & Tree Squirrels

- 1 application lasts up to 3 months

- Repels by both Taste & Odor

- Approved by the EPA as safe on food products 2 weeks before harvest

- For use on edible crops, bulbs, gardens, lawns, and landscaped areas

- This 16 oz. bottle will cover 20-25 ornamental shrubs 4' tall

HAVAHART Critter Ridder


  • Repels skunks, squirrels, dogs, cats, groundhogs and raccoons.
  • Granular application is perfect for perimiter protections.
  • One application lasts up to 30 days
  • Repels by odor and taste
  • Contains oil of black pepper, piperine, capsaicin and related capsaicinoids.

SWEENEY'S Poison Peanut Pellets


- Attracts & Kills Moles & Gophers

- They eat the poison & usually die within 3-5 days

REVENGE Smoke Bombs


- Kills Rats, Skinks, Gophers, Woodchucks, & Ground Squirrels

- Eliminates the oxygen in their nests

- Do NOT use underneath a house - Only in yards or under unoccupied structures.

ENOZ Moth Balls


- General Animal Repellant

- Protects clothing blankets, woolens, & furs from the ravages of clothes moths

- Kills clothes moths, moth eggs, & moth worms

- Hazardous to humans and domestic animals

- 14 oz. container

HAVAHART Live Animal Cage Traps

Small Size (Squirrels, Mice, Chipmunks) - $29.95

Large Size (Racoons, Groundhogs, Gophers) - $74.95

Ant Gel - $6.95

- Easy to bait, trap, & release

Unique High tensile Wire Mesh

- Steel reinforced for long life and maximum resistance to animal damage

- Smoothed inside edges for the protection of the animal

- Spring loaded or gravity action doors with sensitive triggers ensure quick secure catch

- Cover cage with a blanket after catching the animal and then release it a few miles away.

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